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Viaje de mujeres al Norte de la India julio 2011:

El Paraíso Verde

El martes 26 de abril a las 19:00 hs.

En la cafetería del centro cívico de Sarria-se encuentra en los jardines de Villa Cecilia

Dirección: C/Eduardo Conde, 22-42, esq. c/ Santa Amelia 1, 08034 Barcelona

A cargo de Tali Reshef Yehudai

Te invitamos a participar en una charla sobre las diferentes caras de la mujer en la India y la presentación del viaje de julio.

Este julio sale el tercer viaje de mujeres de Mango Shape, a la India.

Esta vez inaugurando un nuevo Itinerario:

El Norte de la India, El Paraíso Verde.

será un viaje especial, diferente, en el que exploraremos la India profunda.
Es un viaje de mujeres porque cuando varias mujeres se reúnen… pasa otra cosa. Porque los encuentros con mujeres de diferentes culturas nos permiten
ver las cosas desde otra perspectiva.

Dedicaremos el viaje a conocer las múltiples caras de la mujer en la India;
Entraremos en el mundo del trabajo hecho a mano y de la artesanía Hindú y Tibetana: su tradición, historia y cultura y visitas a diferentes talleres.
Viviremos la plena naturaleza de las altas montañas del Himalaya.
Visitaremos: Delhi, Agra, Amritsar, Dharamsala, Manali, Chandigard, Rishikesh.

Este viaje esta diseñado desde mi propia y personal relación con la india,
mis contactos y mi experiencia de trabajo con la India en los últimos 15 años.

No lo dudes, Ven a escuchar y a conocer más datos sobre esta aventura en la India.
Y a pasar un lindo rato juntas charlando y descubriendo nuevos mundos.


Para mas datos:
Tali Reshef Yehudai
Tel: 649495273

martes, 12 de abril de 2011


What has motivated me to take this journey? What make this trip so special?

The last 15 years have brought me to India in frequent business trips.
I have realized during this time that my way of perceiving life has become more and more influenced by my experiences in India. Every new trip mark for me a before and an after. Even after so much time spent in the country, India remains a fascinating mystery to me. I want to share this mystery with other women, by giving them both an enriching experience and an inner journey.

I invite you to live India, a wonderful, different and extreme country.
I invite you to take a different journey to this country, beyond what a typical organized tour can offer.
I invite you to see India from the inside, through my personal contacts in the county, my knowledge about the culture and my deep friendships developed over time.
I have included in our itinerary, besides the most important tourist attractions, numerous workshops, yoga and meditation practice, ritual ceremonies, conferences, culinary demonstrations, concerts, sessions of body movement and time for shopping, and various meetings with the different faces of Indian women.

This trip will allow us to perceive the spirit of the country in a special and unique way, and to fully enjoy it. The course has been designed in great detail, and the sites we will visit and activities we will undertake have been chosen with great care. The needs and desires of travelers have been the main consideration.

All Mango Shape trips use a local guide at all times, a member of our professional team in India. In this way we assure that the logistics are the best they can be, and that any inconveniences will be solved in a way only local people have access to. All our local partners have extense experience in international tourism.
It doesn't matter from which point of the world you join us, there will be someone to take care of you from the moment you arrive in the airport.
Why go on a women's journey?
Because when women are together in a group... something happens.
Because travel with women revives the joy and creativity, renews energy, makes the senses vibrate, creates intimacy and develops new ideas.
Because meeting with women from different cultures allows us to see things from another perspective and reconnect with our femenine side.
And especially because it is the best way to spend some time just for you


For the ones of us that depart from Barcelona, we will meet – with out doubt all with big emotions and illusion- to part to our adventure in India. We will leave Barcelona at noon time, and we will fly trough Istanbul to the city of New Delhi.
For all those of you, that will reach India, from different points of the world: have a great journey! See you in Delhi...!
Is scheduled to land in Delhi at dawn, pass through passport control and be received by our partners in India. We begin our visit directly in the temple of Laxmi Narayan, excellent way to witness and to feel the ceremony of believers in the early hours of the morning. From there we transfer to hotel for rest and breakfast, waiting to recive the rooms as early as possible (check in time 12 noon). After some rest, relaxed and recovered, we will disclose the city of Delhi, beginning with the visit to the Bahai Lotus Temple, dedicated to all religions, and where there is an indescribable atmosphere with breathtaking energy. We will continue with a good lunch at the Lotus Garden restaurant. Then visit the Museum of Art & Craft, where it is represented throughout the craft tradition in India. From there, we will continue for sishtseeing tour of Old Delhi, by Rickshaw ride through the streets of Chandri Chowk, the old and colorful market. The starting point of this trip is the Red Forth (built by Mughal emperor Shahjahan in 1648). We will close the day with an early Indian dinner, discovering the different tastes of the Hindu cuisine.

At early morning, we will enjoy our first journey in train at India. We will pass our day in Agra. There we will have the opportunity to visit the Taj Mahal, one of the seventh marvels of the world, edification by the Sha Jhan, in the memory of his beloved wife. From there we will proceed to visit the Red Fort, were Sha Jhan was enclosed during the last years of his life. From there he used to cling his memories, and observe the Taj Mahal.
There is another place in Agra, were we can fell the memories of the elegance of the glory days of the Mogal empire: it is a museum shop, were we can see ancient jewelery, that used to belong to the kings and queens of the time. We will also see incredible work of embroidery, made by hand work, in a three-dimensional unique technique, that can only be seen here and not at any other place of the world. We will leave back to Delhi, at late afternoon by train. This time, we will meet a different face of the city of Delhi: the neighborhood of Paharagansh. Were the railway station is; were the backpackers from all over the world use to stay at their different journeys throw India. We will rest this night in a very ambiance and charm hotel, so we will be able to proceed the next morning to catch our train, to our next destination.

We will depart by train, to our next destination, the city of Amritsar. This city is the center of the Sikhs believers, a religion that was created for the purpose of bringing together the best of the Islam and the best of the Hinduism. We will visit the Golden temple, with its golden dome, is surrounded by a pool of holy water, were the Sikhs believers make purification baths. We will be able to enter the large dining room were food is daily prepared for thousands of people at no cost.
Also we will witness the Palki, ceremony procession of the holy book to the place were he “overnight”.

The preciousness of the temple, the peaceful atmosphere that it transmit, the songs of the priests...
all makes this visit a unique experience.
On the border between India and Pakistan, we will observe the peculiar and theatrical ceremony of folding the flags; this daily ritual is performed simultaneously on both sides of the border. A patriot groups, in a sector as in the other, takes active part in the ceremony through support calls and shouts of slogans. It is a moment full of color and fun.

At early morning we will see, once again, the Golden Temple, to witnees the beauty that is revealed at the light of the day. Then we will depart for our next destination: Dharamsala. There is currently the headquarters of the Tibetan government and the Dalai Lama's, its charismatic leader. Many Tibetans continue to arrive to this city since the 60's, seeking physical and spiritual refuge. The narrow streets seems decorated by the colorful dresses of monks and nuns, and prayer flags. The mountain views are breathtaking. Everything seems to make Dharamsala a place of singular charm, of magical energy. On the way we will visit the tea plantations. At evening we will arrive at Mcleodganj (Dharamasala), where our hotel is situated. We will close the day with our first, group meeting.

We will visit the Tibetan children's village, where they study and live, there are around 2000 children, they realy care about their place, and they always appreciate receiving bandage material, clothes and toys ... We will dedicate the rest of the morning to walk around the small villages of the area, visiting the town of Naddi, with its typical houses until the village of Dharmkot. There, in Dharmkot, Tibetan Guru expects us to share with us his lecture, his spiritual wisdom and knowledge of Tibetan culture. After we will take some rest, with a meditation, accompanied by the sound of the waterfall of Bhagsu. In the afternoon we will visit the monastery of nuns Genden Choeling, we will participate with them in their Pooja, their daily prayer. In our free time we will visit the local markets on foot, sit in one of the terraces and enjoy a chai, the typical Indian te, with the wondrfull views of the landscape around us.
There is also the possibility of receiving an Ayrovedic massage in our charming hotel.

Before breakfast, we will enjoy our first yoga class. Today we will make the traditional Kora visit: visit the Namgyal monastery, the monastery were the Dalai Lama is staying when he is in the city, the Tibetan parliament in exile, and we will hear an open class in the library of the monastery. This temple is considered the most important monument in Dharamsala, because it represents the struggle against the occupation of China in Tibet. At noon, we will be invited for lunch, at a tipical family house, the Neharia family, they are origanly from Dharamsala, Himachel Pradesh. It will be a great opportunity to exchange ideas and customs with the women of the family. At the afternoon we will visit the Norbulingka Institute, which aims to preserve the Tibetan culture of handicrafts. This institute is located in a beautiful place, surrounded by green bamboo plantations and pools. We will visit the various workshops, where different techniques of traditional Tibetan crafts are taught: carving, painting, sculpture and embroidery. We will close the day with a cooking demonstration, with the cook, Mr. Sangye, that will teach us how to prepare the famous Tibetian dishe of Momos and other food.

After breakfast we will leave for our next destination: Manali. We will go through the valley of Kulu, also called the Valley of the Gods. It is a very narrow valley of outstanding natural beauty. There we can brief the fresh and clean air of the mountains, the vegetation is incredible in that part of the Himalayas.
The Beas river, with his clear water, flows through the town of Manali. The trip today is a typical mountain trip, slow, narrow roads and beautiful landscapes ... In a beautiful corner of nature, we will take some time to share the silence of the mountains. On the way we will visit a scarves factory, of the famous and well known scarves of Kulu, which are all hand made, we will have the oportunity to see the process of the manufacturing.
We will stay in Manali, in a very special resort surrounded by stunning views of the landscape.

During the morning we will have a tour in the nature, in the Solang Valley, located between Manali and Kothi. This place offers an unforgettable view of glaciers and snowy peaks of high mountains. We will walk to Hadimba temple (XVI century), with its four pagodas, which is located in the green forest. In Manali, we will visit the temple of Manu: there is a legend saying that a heavy rain flooded the world, Manu, the Indian "Noah", came to this place to create new human life. Manali means "home of Manu".
In the village of Vashisht, a public restrooms and private pools of hot springs, whose qualities are known throughout India, where we will have the opportunity to soak our feet and even bathe.
Finally, we will enjoy a typical Indian gala on the banks of the river Beas: characteristic mountains Indian dance of the land of Himachel Pradesh, accompanied by snacks, chai and more surprises ...
If time permits, we will visit the beautiful and tempting market Manali.

We will continue to cross the northern mountains,through the beautiful green valley. We will begin with the ancient town of Naggar, with her beautiful views, Naggar was the capital of the Rajas of Kulu for 1400 years, the castle, huge and beautiful complex, is now a luxury hotel, where the original paintings by Nicholas Roerich are.
From there we will ride to the town of Manikaran, famous for its hot springs. Thousands of pilgrims come to bathe in these hot springs, the temperatures are so high that is said that in them one can even cook the dal (lentils) and rice, two basic dishes in India. Manikaran has become a pilgrimage site also because here lives together in harmony a Hindu temple and a Sikh temple, sharing the same garden. According to ancient legend, the town of Manikaran is connected with the Lord Shiva, because here he managed to recover his wife, Parvati, earing...

"... We will create a new city, which is the symbol of the freedom of India, which is not condemned to the past or tradition ..." So Nahar, the first president of India, in his speech, announced the foundation Chandigard city. The Swiss architect Le Corbusier made the overall design of this city: organized, tidy and green. Chandigard is known for its high standard of living, a clear example of this is the commercial area of the city, we will visit the important and konwn shops. It is the capital of two states of India, Punjab and Haryana.
Afternoon, we will visit the special garden of Nek Chand Rock Garden, the pearl of our visit to this city. This rock garden was built with stones and debris on which nobody had any interest, and today is a very dedicated garden, full of sculptures made with great imagination.

We leave to our next destination: Rishikesh, through which the river Ganges flowes. This city, located in the foothills of the Himalayas, is a sacred city for the Hinduism and is recognized as an important spiritual center that attracts students and seekers from India and from all around the world. The city offers a good mix of atmosphere and incredible scenery: green hills, the river Ganges with its immense bridges, colorful Yoga Ashram and meditation, and the sound of bells ring out of the different centers. In the afternoon we will witness the Arti at the Ghat Parmarth, ceremony in which hundreds of students from the various Ashrams, all dressed in orange, are along the Ganges to pray and sing. It is a ritual that takes place every night to thank the Ganges River, boats are shipped with candles carried by the slow start stream.

We will began the day with Yoga Meditation session, with the view of the Ganges. Again in Rishikesh, we will start out sightseeing from Laxman Jhula bridge until Ram Jhula bridge, on the way, one can observe the Sadhus living next to the river. We will have a typical Indian Tahali, for lunch and then we will have meeting with a Guru, for a lecture. On the afternoon, we will have free time to enjoy from the different markets of Rishikesh. After dinner, we will have our last group meeting for the trip.

Today begin our journey back, we will travel to Delhi by train. Back in Delhi, we will dedicate the morning to see New Delhi: Raj Path, India Gate and Parliament. In the afternoon we will have time for last minute shopping. Also we will visit a Hindu house for a cocktail, learn the art of Sari, we will enjoy the taste of typical Hindus snacks.
We will close the evening with a quiet dinner at a nice restaurant and back to the hotel to rest a bit before our journey back home.

A few hours after midnight, we will proceed to the Indira Gandhi International air port, to part to our final destination, back home, throw Istanbul. We will reach Barcelona at the afternoon, and with out doubt, this journey will continue to vibrate inside of every one of us, for a long time.

NUMBER OF WOMEN IN THE GROUP: minimum 10; maximum 2

Air way ticket (international ticket)
Hotels of good and first category
Half Board (breakfast and dinner)
Some of the lunch (around 10)
AC bus for all TOURS and transfers
Entrance fee (museum, temples and trip according to the itinerary)
Spanish or English speaking guide
Tips for the different services
Workshop, activities and special meeting prepared specially for Mango Shape in India
Group meeting in Spain
The program is complete without options

Visa (the passport have to be with at least 7 month of vigor on the time of the trip)
Health insurance
All alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks

PRICE OF THE TRIP (FLIGHT INCLUDED): 2420 Euros (Supplement for individual room 430 euros)
PRICE OF THE TRIP ( FLIGHT NOT INCLUDED): 1800 Euros (Supplement for individual room 430 euros)
RESERVATION: 180 Euros - not refundable in case the person decided not to travel.
DATE OF PAYMENT (deadline): until the 15 of July.
Date of payment (deadline): until the 05 of September.

India, as we all know, is a very special country. A part of its beauty comes from the difference of the conception of time, and the rhythm of all activities. Some thing that with out doubt, is very difference, then what we know in our culture and in our day. Because of that, we warmly recommended to come prepared, to deal with all kind of changes with patience and understanding, that changes can happened in our trip, not always with our possibility to influence. You can be sure, that from
our side we will do all the possible to continue with the original program and to give you all a passionate experience

Tali Reshef Yehudai – 00 34 649 495 273

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Primer evento de Mango Shape en España

Queridas mujeres, me complace anunciar el primer evento de Mango Shape en Barcelona...

Una tarde de encanto en el Hammam de Rituels d'Orient. 
Como sabéis, no nos limitaremos organizar viajes de mujeres a la India; también realizaremos encuentros para la familia de mujeres de Mango Shape en España.
Para viajar, desconectar y conocernos mejor… no siempre es preciso ir tan lejos.

Esta vez viajaremos hasta el Hammam de Rituels d'Orient, en Barcelona; la propuesta es recuperar un ritual de mujeres y encontrarnos, juntas, con el mundo del agua: sus sonidos, movimientos, olores y colores.
Realizaremos un recorrido típico oriental del hammam: dedicaremos primero un momento a reencontrarnos y volver a entrar en contacto antes de emprender este viaje. Luego, el itinerario nos llevará por los baños de vapor a diferentes temperaturas. Dilatadas, con los poros plenamente abiertos y la piel perfectamente humectada, pasaremos a la la exfoliación oriental: en camas de mármol, con jabón negro, se frotará vigorosamente con un guante kessa nuestro cuerpo. Este procedimiento renueva nuestra piel, mejorara la circulación sanguina y hace que nuestra energía circule con gran fluidez. Por último, dispondremos de un espacio en el que podremos reflexionar juntas sobre esa experiencia de profundo contacto con nuestro propio cuerpo, a través de los sentidos. Allí, podremos compartir también te y dulces.

Cuando y Donde-
Fecha: Jueves 28 de Abril
Horario: 19:00 – 21:30 - Se pide llegar 15 minutos antes.
Dirección: C/ Loreto 50, Barcelona (web: www.
Que hay que traer: Solamente tu traje de baño o bikini, el resto nos proporcionara el hammam.

Por favor confirmar asistencia antes del 14 de abril por mail:

Forma de Pago: En efectivo antes de empezar la actividad.

** Ver el archivo adjuntado con el articulo que he escrito sobre el hammam de Rituels d'Orient, para la revista digital Mozaika.

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Viaje de Mujeres a la India, con Tali, Mango Shape (febrero 2011)

¡Una experiencia inolvidable!

Si se te presenta esta oportunidad ¡No la dejes escapar!

Este viaje con Tali, ha sido un viaje “diferente”. Me habían dicho que ir a la India era algo excepcional. Ahora lo he comprobado.

Tali decía que era un viaje al exterior y al interior y también lo he experimentado.

En el viaje al exterior, como el que puede organizar cualquier agencia, hicimos todas las visitas de rigor; en Nueva Delhi, el Templo Sikh, el monumento en memoria de Gandhi, el Templo de Lotus, la vieja Delhi, paseo en Rickshwa..., en Jaipur, la excursión al Castillo de Amber Fort a lomos de elefante, el templo de Galtaji (de los monos), el City Palace… en Agra, el Castillo Rojo, la ciudad abandonada, el Taj Mahal…Todo con una organización perfecta y unos guías muy profesionales y muy agradables.

Pero hubo muchas sorpresas agradables que hicieron que el viaje fuera excepcional ya que tuvimos unas vivencias increíbles al compartir con Tali, su experiencia, sus conocimientos, y sobretodo, sus amistades, su pasión y su amor por la vida de la India.
En Nueva Delhi, fuimos a cenar a casa de Monisha, su amiga, y su familia, que nos hizo una demostración culinaria, dándonos a conocer la típica cocina hindú, y recibiéndonos como si fuéramos amigos de toda la vida.

De la misma manera nos recibieron el Sr. Gupta y su familia, que además de ofrecernos un magnífico cóctel, nos enseñaron el arte del sari para aprender a ponérnoslo.

En Jaipur, disfrutamos de un día lleno de emociones y de cariño compartiendo la vida de la familia de Tara en Achrol. La vida de una familia campesina hindú, constituida por el trabajo de la mujer. Preparamos con ellas el Chapati, ordeñamos a las búfalos, comimos, bailamos y reímos, como con los amigos de siempre. Una gran familia con la que nos sentimos muy unidos.

También en Jaipur tuvimos el honor de tener una audiencia privada con la Maharaní Ratna Kumari, con la que mantuvimos una interesante conversación sobre la mujer, la familia y el matrimonio.
Igualmente nos recibieron Sima y Raju, enseñándonos la artesanía del hierro forjado, y enseñándonos el trabajo de la mujer hindú de reciclar los Bangales (pulseras que usa toda mujer hindú) y nos hicimos unos servilleteros incrustando cristales. También nos invitaron a comer y a ver su casa.

Fuimos al Cine, al famoso Raj Mandar, a ver una película hindú, como cualquier hindú que se lo puede permitir.
Otra experiencia maravillosa fue la visita al taller textil en Sanganir, donde pudimos probar sus técnicas, estampando nosotras mismas nuestro propio diseño, siguiendo los consejos del gran maestro.

Pushkar y Rishikesh, merecen comentarios aparte.
En estos dos lugares se siente una energía especial. Quizás porque después del bullicio de las grandes ciudades, y su caos circulatorio, llegar a un pueblecito es encontrar la paz.

Pushkar, con su precioso lago y todo el pueblo a su alrededor, es un remanso de paz y tranquilidad. Allí disfrutamos de la salida del sol, antes de subir al Templo de Savitri, con unas vistas maravillosas.
Fuimos testigos de una ceremonia en el Templo de Brahma, participamos en una “POOJA” (rezo con ofrendas) y de una magnífica puesta de sol en el desierto al que llegamos con camellos, y una cena de gala con danza hindú incluida.

Rishikesh a orillas del Ganges tiene un encanto especial y allí tuvimos unas experiencias increíbles. Fuimos de excursión en 4X4, al Templo de Kunjapuri y allí divisamos y contemplamos la impresionante cordillera de Himalaya. ¡Un panorama inolvidable! Un momento emotivo que ninguna olvidaremos por la vivencia que allí tuvimos compartiendo el recuerdo de Lola por su madre.
Otra vivencia inolvidable fue la meditación que hicimos con un Gurú en la playa del Ganges , sus palabras y el entorno me llegaron a lo más profundo de mi ser.

El grupo era reducido y de mujeres encantadoras; esto hizo que nos sintiéramos todas muy unidas. Tali nos comunicó su cariño e hizo que lo recibiéramos y lo diéramos.

Ha habido momentos de silencio, de reflexión, momentos de yoga, de oración, momentos para la palabra del día”, momentos de “encuentro”, momentos para tomar un “chai” (té), para ir de compras por los bazares, momentos íntimos, emotivos, distendidos, divertidos… 

¡Ha habido de todo!. (Bueno, casi de todo porque momentos para dormir habían pocos).

¡Ha sido maravilloso!

Hemos conectado con la gente de la India, con su forma de vivir, sus creencias, sus religiones, sus miserias, sus riquezas, sus trabajos, su alimentación, su música, sus olores, sus colores….

¡Hemos vivido la India!

Todo lo que digo es poco, no expresa bien lo que he sentido.

 ¡Hay que vivir lo!

Lourdes Portabella
Marzo 2011

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martes, 5 de abril de 2011

Cuando las cabezas de las mujeres se juntan alrededor del fuego


Cuando las cabezas de las mujeres se juntan alrededor del fuego

 Simone Seija Paseyro

Alguien me dijo que no es casual…que desde siempre las elegimos. Que las encontramos en el camino de la vida, nos reconocemos y sabemos que en algún lugar de la historia de los mundos fuimos del mismo clan. Pasan las décadas y al volver a recorrer los ríos esos cauces, tengo muy presentes las cualidades que las trajeron a mi tierra personal.
Valientes, reidoras y con labia. Capaces de pasar horas enteras escuchando, muriéndose de risa, consolando. Arquitectas de sueños, hacedoras de planes, ingenieras de la cocina, cantautoras de canciones de cuna.
Cuando las cabezas de las mujeres se juntan alrededor de “un fuego”, nacen fuerzas, crecen magias, arden brasas, que gozan, festejan, curan, recomponen, inventan, crean, unen, desunen, entierran, dan vida, rezongan, se conduelen.
Ese fuego puede ser la mesa de un bar, las idas para afuera en vacaciones, el patio de un colegio, el galpón donde jugábamos en la infancia, el living de una casa, el corredor de una facultad, un mate en el parque, la señal de alarma de que alguna nos necesita o ese tesoro incalculable que son las quedadas a dormir en la casa de las otras.
Las de adolescentes después de un baile, o para preparar un examen, o para cerrar una noche de cine. Las de “veníte el sábado” porque no hay nada mejor que hacer en el mundo que escuchar música, y hablar, hablar y hablar hasta cansarse. Las de adultas, a veces para asilar en nuestras almas a una con desesperanza en los ojos, y entonces nos desdoblamos en abrazos, en mimos, en palabras, para recordarle que siempre hay un mañana. A veces para compartir, departir, construir, sin excusas, solo por las meras ganas.
El futuro en un tiempo no existía. Cualquiera mayor de 25 era de una vejez no imaginada…y sin embargo…detrás de cada una de nosotras, nuestros ojos.
Cambiamos. Crecimos. Nos dolimos. Parimos hijos. Enterramos muertos. Amamos. Fuimos y somos amadas. Dejamos y nos dejaron. Nos enojamos para toda la vida, para descubrir que toda la vida es mucho y no valía la pena. Cuidamos y en el mejor de los casos nos dejamos cuidar.
Nos casamos, nos juntamos, nos divorciamos. O no.
Creímos morirnos muchas veces, y encontramos en algún lugar la fuerza de seguir. Bailamos con un hombre, pero la danza más lograda la hicimos para nuestros hijos al enseñarles a caminar.
Pasamos noches en blanco, noches en negro, noches en rojo, noches de luz y de sombras. Noches de miles de estrellas y noches desangeladas. Hicimos el amor, y cuando correspondió, también la guerra. Nos entregamos. Nos protegimos. Fuimos heridas e inevitablemente, herimos.
Entonces…los cuerpos dieron cuenta de esas lides, pero todas mantuvimos intacta la mirada. La que nos define, la que nos hace saber que ahí estamos, que seguimos estando y nunca dejamos de estar.
Porque juntas construimos nuestros propios cimientos, en tiempos donde nuestro edificio recién se empezaba a erigir.Somos más sabias, más hermosas, más completas, más plenas, más dulces, más risueñas y por suerte, de alguna manera, más salvajes.
Y en aquel tiempo también lo éramos, sólo que no lo sabíamos. Hoy somos todas espejos de las unas, y al vernos reflejadas en esta danza cotidiana, me emociono.
Porque cuando las cabezas de las mujeres se juntan alrededor “del fuego” que deciden avivar con su presencia, hay fiesta, hay aquelarre, misterio, tormenta, centellas y armonía. Como siempre. Como nunca. Como toda la vida.